Navigating is the consulting practice that helps creative companies and professionals get to where they want to go.

You really do know what’s bothering you.


Creative businesses and individuals alike are happiest when the work is excellent, and they’re getting things produced.  Yet we all know that in this competitive and chaotic climate – progress is not always that simple.

When facing a rapidly changing future, there’s just one way to go, and that’s onward. So it becomes about the process, about the people, about fostering an environment built to invite success.

I founded Navigating to help success-driven people and businesses articulate their vision, manage change and maximize their effectiveness.  In our work together, I’ll help define who you are, what you want to do and most importantly, how to help get you there.  I’ll be a trusted consigliere, a co-conspirator and a catalyst for bold steps into your future.

I’m a realist who can’t help being an optimist.  I ask questions.   I’ll help find ways around obstacles standing in your way, and uncover opportunities you may not have found. I believe every engagement, every creative company, every creative individual and every situation is unique.  And in that singularity is where we’ll find the answers.

You can’t make a glass of champagne into a hammer.


As far back as her days spent at the HS of Performing Arts, Roe Bressan has been drawn to managing creative people.

Throughout her career, she has gravitated to the intersection of creativity, innovation and technology – dedicating her energies to the ever-evolving worlds of production, post-production, media and content.

She has taken great pride in contributing to the careers and reputations of some of the best in the business, and has played influential roles in developing leading companies including Red Car, the Whitehouse and Lively Group.  Working side by side with the industry’s brightest talent, Roe developed a passion for excellence, a savvy business sense for what’s new and what’s next, and a keen management style that embraces today’s 360º integrated process.

2015 brings Roe back to Navigating, a first-of- its-kind consultancy practice dedicated to helping creative businesses and professionals flourish in turbulent times.

A New Yorker born and raised, Roe lives in NYC’s West Village, and is always on the look out for that transcendent cup of coffee.

You can’t rush ready, but you can move it along.